27 Jul, 2021

Brushing your teeth daily is considered one of the most important oral hygiene practices. We often need to visit a dentist due to carelessness and improper dental hygiene. Choosing the right food and the right dental products is also important for having good dental health. Some people are more concerned about their dental hygiene and follow a strict oral hygiene routine. People who face dental problems often or want to prevent some serious issues related to dental health. Here are some of the pro yet basic tips that can lead to great dental health.

1. Brushing

Brushing your teeth daily is the simplest task you can do to keep your teeth healthy. Considering the overall hygiene of the mouth, brushing daily can fight the bacteria lying in the mouth and also prevent the decay of teeth by the bacteria due to food stuck in teeth. Brushing the teeth once a day is normal oral hygiene practice. However, some people brush twice a day which is better than brushing once.

2. Flossing

Brushing teeth is a basic and simple way of getting rid of bacteria and stuck food from teeth. Flossing is a better way of removing food stuck between the teeth. Whatever we eat, the food gets stuck in between the teeth and can cause decay. Flossing your teeth before going to sleep is considered one of the important oral hygiene practices.

3. Fluoride Toothpaste

There are thousands of brands in the toothpaste market and every brand claims to have the ability to protect your teeth from cavities and other dental problems. Toothpaste that contains fluoride is considered to be the best toothpaste for teeth. Fluoride helps in coping with cavities and decay of teeth. It also prevents enamel erosion of teeth and treats exposed roots and sensitive teeth.

4. Keep a Mouthwash

Keeping a mouthwash with you is another healthy dental practice that can protect teeth from being attacked by germs and bacteria. Using a mouthwash after eating something is a good way of keeping your mouth clean and your teeth healthy. Mouthwash two times a day is enough to keep dental problems away.

5. Avoid Sugar

Sugar is surely an enemy of healthy teeth. Consuming sugar is not just bad for your body and skin, but also teeth. Eating sugary things can lead to faster decay of teeth. When we eat sugary candies or anything that has sugar, It gets mixed with saliva and bacteria in our mouth. The longer it stays in our mouth the deeper it affects our teeth. It causes enamel erosion and eventually tooth decay and cavities. Avoiding sugar is also a healthy dental practice.

6. Drink More Water

Drinking plenty of water for good health is actually considered to be a good habit. Our body needs at least 3 litres of water daily to be hydrated. It not only keeps you hydrated but also flushes out many toxins from the body. It also cleans the mouth so that bacteria and germs lying on your teeth do not stay there long enough to cause cavities or other damage. 

7. Keeping Tongue Clean

The tongue also gets what you eat and also has bacteria and germs on it. A tongue with bacteria does not just smell bad but also has a plaque on it that can lead to oral health problems.

8. Limit Acidic Food and Drinks

In current times, we do eat a lot of junk food and are addicted to colas. However, these foods are not so good for our dental health. They cause erosion of enamel and may lead to sensitive teeth and toothaches. Limiting the acidic food or drinks can help you get healthy teeth.

9.  Quit Smoking

Smoking is definitely a process that toxify your body more than any other bad habit of improper dental health care. Taking in smoke through your mouth is dangerous for the lungs but it is more dangerous for the mouth as the freshly sucked smoke has more toxic elements than inhaled smoke. Smoking cigarettes causes faster erosion of enamel and eventually causes tooth decay or loosen teeth. 

10. Limit Alcohol

Any adult who drinks alcohol is at risk of getting teeth erosion. Alcohol causes the enamel layer of teeth to dissolve faster and ultimately it can cause enamel erosion which results in tooth decay and sensitivity. 

11. Avoid Over Brushing 

Brushing your teeth is an absolutely good oral hygiene practice, but over-brushing the teeth may cause the enamel layer to dissolve. The dissolved enamel layer means there is no protection to teeth from bacteria and exposure of foods/drinks to the teeth’s inner layer or nerves. 

12. Quit Grinding Teeth

Grinding teeth sometimes becomes a habit or a process we are unconsciously in. Many people grind their teeth in sleep and some people do it when they are conscious. Grinding the teeth not only causes stress to the muscles of the head, neck, and jaw, but it also scratches off the upper layer of teeth protection, that is enamel again. 

13. Don’t Bleach Often

Bleaching your teeth is a process to make your teeth look whitish and to have a beautiful smile. Bleaching too often can cause erosion of enamel and loosen of gums. 

14. Treating Acid Refluxes

Heartburn or acid refluxes make us uncomfortable and also bring acid to the mouth. Vomiting too often due to gastrointestinal issues can cause enamel erosion because of acid refluxes. Treating these conditions can help in getting better oral health.

15. See your dentist

Last but not least, see your dentist twice a year for regular checkups even if the teeth seem alright. The dentist may see your dental health and suggest some precautions or tips for better dental health. 

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