15 Jun, 2021

Toothaches are painful and traumatic at any age. A child who eats a lot of sugar goodies and a person who has no proper mouth hygiene can revel in toothache. The toothaches have many viable reasons like decay, infection, nerve troubles with the tooth, and many others. Generally, a toothache is pain or inflammation withinside the tooth or surrounding areas. Taking care of dental health is as vital as other healthy practices we do.  People going through dental problems ought to recognize the subsequent things.


Why is Dental Health Important?

As we do eat a lot of junk food and drinks which could harm the teeth, We additionally want the right dental hygiene. A tooth starts decaying whilst it loses the nutrient it requires to keep itself healthy. It has been determined that more than 25% of people start having permanent dental problems after 40. The annoying pain and cavities inside the teeth make the eating process seem no easy task. It gets difficult for you to have your favorite food. Apart from this, a cavity withinside a tooth can infect the neighbor teeth, gums, or nerves


What Causes Toothache?

Toothache can happen to anyone and anytime, but it is more common in children and adults aged 40 or more. Toothaches are normal with aging but they can either be because of food we eat or other unhealthy habits. Following are the causes for a toothache.


     Decaying of tooth enamel

     Tooth Sensitive to some food or drink

     A Cavity in the tooth

     Infection in Gums

     Grinding teeth


Treatments for Toothache

When your toothache lasts longer than a day or two, you need to see a dentist. The Dentist will examine the tooth having pain and the whole mouth to see the cause. If the dentist found a cavity in the tooth, he will either fill up the cavity or suggest you get your tooth extracted if necessary. If one or more nerves of the tooth are infected. The dentist may suggest a root canal. Toothaches can also cause pain in jaws, ears, sinuses or maybe you could get a fever sometimes. The dentist will prescribe you antibiotics if there are any of the mentioned symptoms.


Prevention of Toothache and Other Dental Problems.

Toothaches and other dental problems are just the results of what we eat and how we take care of our teeth. Many of the dental problems are because of food we eat like junk food or food with sugar and soda drinks that go under the layer of teeth to the nerves, making them sensitive. Calcium and Phosphorus are responsible to keep the teeth and bones healthy and prevent the decaying of teeth. Foods like low-fat milk and cheese, eggs, fish, nuts, meat, High fiber fruits, leafy greens, and beans can prevent teeth from deficiency of Calcium and Phosphorus and other  essential nutrients.


Proper dental hygiene and other healthy habits can also prevent toothaches and other dental problems like gum infections. Brushing teeth twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride and flossing at least once a day or after you eat can prevent most of the bacteria from attacking the mouth. Using antiseptic mouthwashes can also stop bacteria from growing within the teeth and neighbor area. Having food with less sugar may also minimize the chances of decaying and toothache. Even if you have a toothache or any dental problems, apart from a prescription from a dentist, these prevention measures may work to stop your dental problems. Seeing your dentist twice a year for check-ups is also a healthy habit for dental health.
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