27 Jul, 2021

Losing teeth is one of the natural things we face while ageing and it is one of those bad experiences where we face trouble. There’s no right time for losing teeth or the surrounding cells, naturally or with any tragic experience. Well, thanks to science. There are methods through which you can still have your teeth fixed. Getting dentures is the most simple method for you to get back your teeth. Those removable artificial teeth. There are two types of dentures, partial and complete. Most people prefer dentures only when they lose most of their teeth. Getting dentures is one thing, taking care of them is another. Here are some important tips on how to take care of dentures.

1. Handling gently

When you get dentures, do not treat them as a tool, instead, think of them as your body part. Dentures are really expensive and you can not replace them very often. So the first thing you should take care of is to not bend or break Dentures. 

2. Cleaning dentures after eating

Dentures are just like your teeth. The food we eat tends to get stuck in gaps or stay on the dentures. Cleaning that debris is important so that it does not cause germs in the mouth. Not cleaning can also cause problems like bad breath. 

Remove your dentures from your mouth and wash them gently by just passing water through them. Do not bend or twist too hard. If you are washing it in the sink, make sure you keep something soft like a towel in the sink so that the dentures would not be broken if they slip from your hands while washing.

3. Cleaning mouth

Cleaning dentures after eating means you are just halfway there. Before putting the dentures back, clean your mouth to remove the food. Use a mouthwash or just water to clean your mouth.

4. Soaking dentures overnight

Dentures are made of materials like acrylic, porcelain, nylon, and raisin. These materials need to be kept moist. Keeping them in water or soaking solution made for the dentures is safe. If dentures are not kept moist, they might change their shape and may not fit you properly.

5. Brushing dentures at least once a day

Dentures can also have germs due to food debris left on them. It is also important to brush them gently with a soft toothbrush at least once a day. 

6. Using gentle toothpaste and brush

Toothpaste that has harsh chemicals can cause damage to the dentures as they are made with some sensitive material. Toothbrushes that have stiff and hard bristles can also cause damage to the dentures. It is recommended by the dentists to use gentle toothpaste and toothbrush.  

7. Avoid bleaching

Bleaching teeth regularly can cause damage to the teeth and gums. It dissolves the enamel layer of teeth to make them sensitive and sometimes it can cause gums to bleed. In the same way, Bleaching dentures is not a good idea. It can cause damage to the plastic and other material and change its shape. It can also change the color of the dentures.

8. Visiting dentist

Visiting your dentist for regular checkups twice a year is considered to be a good dental health practice. Similarly, visiting the dentist for a regular check-up is also a good practice in taking care of your dentures. The dentist will look for any damage or change in the dentures and may also diagnose your oral health after using dentures.

It is also recommended by many dentists to limit the food that can harm your oral health. It is suggested that you should limit acidic food after applying dentures. If you feel any discomfort with dentures or you feel any loose or fit with them, see your dentist to fix the dentures. 

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