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Dr. Preeti Kulkarni 

Dr. Preeti Kulkarni 

MDS Orthodontics

Silver medalist in Orthodontics (Maharashtra University), she trains to offer the widest variety of braces from THE CURRENT INVISIBLE ONES to the conventional metallic ones. Taking a foreign lab support she designs contemporary invisible braces giving maximum results with minimum discomfort. Designing smiles from an early age, she helps one grow into a wonderful personality with the perfect skeletal and dental profile.

She is specialised and Certified in some of the most premium Invisible Orthodontic techniques like Lingual Orthodontics and Aligners so as to cater to all kinds of patients keeping in mind their social, professional backgrounds and needs and. A confident communicator ,who can relate well to dental patients and successfully diagnose and treat patients' dental conditions.

She has several scientific presentation to her credit and has won several awards for the same nationally and internationally.

Professional Experience :

Clinical Practice since 13 years as a General Dentist and since five years as an Orthodontist in Thane.

Attached to Hira Mongi Navneet Hospital as a Consultant Orthodontist.

Currently working as a Consultant Orthodontist for over ten private dental clinics in Mumbai.

Lecturer at Yerala Medical Trust's Dental college and Hospital, kharghar, Navi Mumbai since 15/9/2014.

Skills/ Certifications :

Invisalign Certified : 

Certified with the most premium aligner company and one of the very few initial Orthodontists to have started using Invisalign in India. 

Skilled for the latest technologies in Invisible Orthodontics especially done for adult patients like working professionals and people highly concerned with their esthetics

Flash Certified : 

Also certified with the latest 3D Future Technologies Flash aligner system and again one of the very few initial Orthodontists to have started using it.. 

A very cost effective solution to get a better looking and functional smile, it proves to be one of the competent aligner systems present in the market.

IncognitoTM Certified :

Certified with the most premium Lingual bracket systems, a major revolution in Invisible Orthodontic treatment protocols.

Attained Associate Fellowship with the World Clinical Laser and Imaging Institute, to practice Laser Dentistry.

Attended several programmes and trained in Clinical Photography, an important tool in diagnosing and evaluating Orthodontic problems and their management.

Trained to use several softwares like Nemoceph and 3D softwares, used to diagnose evaluate and treat complex skeletal and dental problems.

Research and Publications :

Journal of Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society, APOS Trends,2010 - Clinical showcase - Bond Relably- difficult areas - Easy Solutions!!

Journal Of Indian Orthodontic Society 2013, vol 47; issue 4: supplement 1 - "Role of Cranial Base Morphology in Determining Skeletal Anteroposterior Relationship of the Jaws.

Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics 2014, vol XLVIII;no.3: 191-195 : Vertical Helical Traction Mandibular Arch (A Clinical Innovation).

The Phillippine Journal of Orthodontics, Aug 2014; 37-40 : Class II Div 2 Non-Extraction Treatment Using Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device.

Aligner case