28 Nov, 2022

Have you ever pondered the possibility that when you fully smile, only your stunning teeth and not your gums will be visible? Have you ever tried to hide your smile because of how obvious your gums are when you smile? If this is the specific issue that has been plaguing you, we have a remedy that will fix your gummy smile.

So what is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is one in which the gums are shown in an unusually prominent manner when the person is smiling. When someone smiles normally, they will show between two-thirds and three-quarters of their teeth, with the remaining teeth being hidden by their lips. 

There are a lot of people who wonder if a gummy smile is only an aesthetic problem or if there is something more to it than that. When you smile, there is an aesthetic zone that appears that shows off your teeth. This zone is called a smile line. There are a variety of additional elements that may contribute to the overall appearance of your grin.

The attractiveness of your smile can be significantly impacted by factors such as the size and contour of your lips. In addition to this, the size and form of your teeth, as well as the tissue that surrounds your gums, all contribute to the overall appearance of your smile. If you allow as little gum tissue as possible to show when you smile, people will find you beautiful.

Many people have come to terms with the fact that they smile with their gums showing. Those who have not been successful in doing so frequently feel an immense amount of humiliation in addition to disappointment. If this describes your situation, it's time to take action and think about your options for Gummy Smile Correction.

Cause of a Gummy Smile

  • Teeth that are short or tiny

  • Strong muscles in the upper lip

  • increased maturation of the face vertically

  • Crooked teeth

  • An upper lip that is short

There is excessive exposure of gums on the top teeth in all of the scenarios that were discussed above. This results in an incredibly unattractive appearance, which can have an effect on a person's social life as well as their psychological state. The uplifting news is that it is treatable, and once treated, it can be returned back to normal.

Lip Repositioning Surgery is the name given to the surgical technique used for gummy smile treatment.

A cosmetic gummy smile treatment known as lip repositioning surgery involves attaching the lip at a level closer to the teeth to minimize the gums' visibility when the patient smiles. Your dentist will make an appointment for the procedure once they have determined that you are healthy enough to undergo it and are medically fit for it. Your gums would be numbed with a local anesthetic before your dentist removed the excess gum display and then sutured the gum tissue to the teeth. 

Finally, your gums would be brought back to their natural position. The entire process would take between thirty and forty minutes. You will be able to notice the benefits right away; however, you must take precautions to avoid overstretching the muscles, which could cause the stitches to become loose or even burst. After the treatment, it is recommended that you eat soft and bland foods for the first two to three days. After a week has passed, your dentist will call you to schedule a follow-up appointment, during which the stitches will be removed.

The repositioning of the lips as a treatment for a gummy smile is an approach that is both safe and capable of producing the desired results. This therapy has been considered the gold standard for gummy smiles and is extensively used by dentists. It is a relatively straightforward cosmetic treatment that, if performed correctly, can significantly impact a person's overall appearance. The appearance of a person's grin can have a positive impact on their confidence as well as their general demeanor.

What exactly are you looking forward to?

Gummy Smile Correction is going to be performed with the help of a soft tissue laser at Therapuo Clinic. Because of this, the process will be considerably easier on your gum tissue, which will save the amount of time needed for recovery and help you obtain better results more quickly.

Dental laser treatment, which causes almost no discomfort, is the most effective method now available for removing extra gum tissue and reducing the risk of experiencing swollen or sore gums in the future.

Additionally, the cutting-edge technology of dental lasers immediately closes down blood vessels, resulting in decreased swelling and bleeding both before and after treatment. This benefit is provided by the treatment.

Visit us at Therapeuo and get an expert consultation from our experienced team of super specialists if you believe that the appearance of your gums when you smile is causing you to lose self-confidence.

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