Therapeuo Happy clients

Excellent treatment and service!

Excellent treatment and service!!! I have sensitive teeth and have had trouble finding a dentist that I like that was thorough but didn't leave me with aching teeth for weeks after a cleaning. Very gentle treatment, wonderful service and impressive facilities. Would recommend them without hesitation as I will definitely be going back.

- By Ananya Agarwal
Therapeuo Happy clients

Boon to thave a clinic that makes dental issues simple

Very nice clinic, very humble n friendly docs, staff also polite, very comfortable to be treated near home by experienced docs,appointment time taken care of, no waiting,very hygenic, boon to hv a dental clinic which does make dental issues simple.

- By Sunita Sahani
Therapeuo Happy clients

Very clean and hygienic place

Very clean and hygienic place. The Doctors are very skilled and always helpful. Would definitely recommend them

- By Shraddha Sawant

I came for an opinion for my teeth and am leaving thoroughly impressed!.

My son recommended the clinic for my dental issues. After getting a thorough consultation and a quick clean up I was very pleased to hear I need no further treatment. Thank you so much Therapeuo Dental Team.

- Mr Ramsinghani

I came to get my teeth whitened for my wedding.Love the results!

I came for my wedding. I was extremely nervous. The procedure was well explained to me . I don’t know why I was so nervous in the first place. Love the results!

- By Natasha

Laser whitening was a quick painless process and saw multiple shades of improvement

Laser whitening was a Quick painless process and saw multiple shades of improvement

- By Abhishek

Life like eye prosthesis. I'm so amazed and happy.

I suffered a right eye injury and came to get an eye prosthesis made. Dr Reiyal has done an amazing job and i am so glad i can finally go out again!

- By Bajirao
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