Ear Prosthesis

A Ear prosthesis also known as an auricular prosthesis is a substitute for the ear that has been lost due to birth defects, accidents or surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're an individual who has lost either a part or whole of your ear then a prosthetic replacement would be ideal for you. This option prevents the need for further surgery and provides you with much better aesthetic results.

Following implant placement and healing in the region of the ear defect a specialised impression will be taken. A personalised wax mock-up will be fabricated for the defect for your approval. This wax model will be duplicated in a skin like material called silicone. The colour and texture of this silicone will be adjusted to suit your skin tone so that no difference is seen between the defect and the prosthesis.

Implant Bar Retained Prosthesis: An implant bar will be fabricated out of Cobalt Chromium Metal and will be fixed onto the implants. The silicone prosthesis will attach itself onto this bar by the means of elastic clips. This is the most basic means of retention for a ear prosthesis.
Implant Bar Prosthesis retained by Magnets: The implant bar will be fabricated and fixed onto the implants. A set of magnets will be attached to the bar as well as the silicone prosthesis. This makes placement of the prosthesis much easier and increases the lifetime of the prosthesis significantly.
Magnetic Bar Retained Prosthesis: The implant bar itself is made out of a special magnetic alloy (EFM alloy). This makes the entire assembly and prosthesis much more compact allowing a more life like and natural appearance. This is the best form of rehabilitation available.

The prosthesis is made out of a specialised silicone material that is sensitive to UV radiation and moisture.

Fun Facts

The oldest known prosthetic was found in Cairo, Egypt. It was estimated that the wood and leather used was nearly 3,000 years old.

These are some do's and don'ts regarding after care of your prosthesis:


  • Clean the tissue surface of your prosthesis with a gentle soap or baby shampoo and a damp cloth.
  • Clean the surface and the skin surrounding the implants with a cotton bud and soap on a daily basis.
  • Keep the prosthesis in an airtight container when not in use. Keep this container in a dry and dark area away from sunlight.
  • Remove the prosthesis when engaging in physical activities and contact sports (cricket, football, swimming etc)


  • Wear the prosthesis in the rain or during swimming
  • Wear the prosthesis in direct heavy sunlight. Wear a cap or hat to reduce the chances of damage to the prosthesis
  • Rinse or clean the textured side of the prosthesis. This might cause the stain to come out and distort the prosthesis
  • Try to clean the prosthesis with alcoholic solvents or heavy detergents


Number of appointments:
3 to 5


30 to 45 minutes each

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