Gummy Smile Correction

Do you have a gummy smile? An optimal smile line is one that reveals the least amount of gum tissue when an individual smiles. Consequently, the gum tissue should have a balanced look in the smile line while making sure that they are properly aligned with your upper lip. The primary reason why many people think their smile is unappealing is because they have a gummy smile. Hence, the individual might be hesitant to smile publicly.

So what is a gummy smile?

Anyone who shows a significant amount of their upper gums when they smile maybe considered to have this condition, which creates an unbalanced look, emphasizing gums over teeth. Excess gum tissue or an upper lip that lifts considerably when a person smiles are the main causes for a gummy smile appearance.

Many people ask if a gummy smile is just an aesthetic problem or something beyond that. A smile line is an aesthetic zone which shows your teeth when you are smiling. There are other factors as well that might affect the appearance of your smile. The size and shape of your lips play an integral role in defining the beauty of your smile. Apart from this, your facial muscles, size and shape of the teeth, and gum tissue also influence the appearance of your smile. You will have an attractive smile if there is minimum gum tissue showing.

Many people have come to accept their gummy smile. Those who have not been able to do so often bear great shame and disappointment. If this describes your scenario, then it's time to act and consider Gummy Smile Correction .

A gummy smile is more than a cosmetic problem, wherein it can make you self-conscious and cause you to cover up your true emotions!!!

However, it could be corrected by absolutely pain free treatment procedures at Therapeuo Dental Clinic.

At Therapeuo, Gummy Smile Correction will be done using a soft tissue laser (laser dentistry). This will make the procedure much gentler on your gum tissue, reducing the recovery time and help you achieve better results faster.

Combined with almost no discomfort, dental laser treatment is the best available option to cut away excessive gum tissue and avoid having any swollen or tender gums later.

Furthermore, the advanced technology of dental laser seals up the blood vessels automatically resulting in less swelling and blood during and after treatment.

Causes of Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles are caused by an assortment of various issues with both, your teeth and gums:

  • Size and shape of teeth - The abnormal eruption of teeth where the new teeth appear to be short
  • Excessive gum tissue present - The teeth maybe of correct size and shape but are covered up with excessive gum tissue.
  • Length of upper lip - Having overactive muscles that are responsible for the upper lip movement. While smiling, the muscles may pull the upper lip far more than usual. This gives the perception of having a gummy smile.
  • Incorrect development of the upper jaw bone resulting in a gummy smile. This is because the jaw might bulge out a bit more than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

A "gummy smile" occurs when too much gum tissue (in technical terms, over 2 milli meters) is visible in the smile. Different people have different ideas about when this issue becomes a problem, but if you feel it detracts from your appearance, then you are a candidate for gummy smile correction.


Average treatment time :
15 Mins to 30 Mins


Average number of sittings :
One sittings

Did You Know ?

When a person smiles, it is normal for the teeth and just a small amount of gums to be visible. Your gum tissue is like a frame that provides form and shape to the top of your tooth. Those with a gummy smile, however, show an excessive amount of gums when they smile. A gummy smile is clinically diagnosed as showing more than 2 milli meters of upper gum when smiling.

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