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Your smile is one of your most attractive assets. It's an important part of making a good or bad first impression. It's not just about how you look – it's about how you feel. When you have stained, chipped, crooked or missing teeth, not only does it affect your smile, but your confidence suffers as well. Imagine how a new smile could change your life. See yourself looking younger, more attractive and confident. With so many advancements in cosmetic dentistry and affordable financing options, you no longer have to live with your smile. We can make your dreams come true and make sure you have the smile you've always wanted by taking it for a "test drive"!

Try on your smile before you buy it!
We test drive cars before we buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using facial photography, and digital X-rays. Dr Reiyal Goveas and his team of cosmetic and restorative dentists can create a custom designed temporary smile for you to try on your teeth. There is no anaesthesia. There is no drilling. There are no commitments. Dr. Reiyal and the Therapeuo Smile Design team use this technique as the ultimate patient educational tool prior to considering a smile enhancement.

In the past, dentists would complete smile makeovers by preparing the teeth for either veneers or crowns, and a few weeks later the final product would be cemented into place…the end! Patients would generally have to accept what final product was delivered to them, with no real input into what their smile goals and dreams are. It was at the dentist's discretion what the final product would look like.

Take control of your Smile!
At Therapeuo, we care about your smile goals and dreams. We offer the "test drive your smile" technique which allows you to have full control over the colour, shape and overall appearance of your smile. We help create a vision for your new custom smile to guarantee that your expectations and dreams are met!

It is a common dilemma in dentistry…you may be unwilling to move forward with certain restoration work right away because you are unsure of the outcome.

We don't blame you! Now because you can Test Drive Your Smile, you can see and show off your new smiles before you proceed with the restorative work. By allowing you to see exactly what your new smiles will look like, Test Drive Your Smile can have a profound impact on your satisfaction level.

We can correct a variety of dental problems using this wonderful diagnostic tool :

  • Lengthen teeth
  • Correct Rotated Teeth
  • Correct Cross-bites
  • Align Arches
  • Correct Tooth Proportions
  • Change tooth colour
  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Correct gummy smile

Digital Smile Designing or DSD is a unique dental planning tool that allows us as your aesthetic dentist to provide you with a vision, enhance predictability, and improve communication. A treatment plan is completely based on a thorough analysis of your dental and facial proportions. Through the use of videos, photographs, and temporary mock-ups, we can get a better sense of the relationship between the lips, gums, and teeth, as well as how they work together to create your smile that would blend naturally with your existing teeth and enhance them in every way possible.

By studying your face and teeth, we can design a unique smile for you on a computer - digitally.

Your smile is important to the way you look and feel, so if you're always trying to hide your teeth, you may not be portraying yourself in a very positive light. Additionally, every person is unique and has his or her own set of needs and wants out of the patient's treatment. Applying a one-size-fits-all treatment plan isn/t going to provide the same results to each individual situation.

With DSD, you're not limited to a single course of treatment. Instead, the focus is on what you want and need. Those expectations are then applied to your treatment plan. When your treatment is complete, you'll have a beautiful and natural smile that complements your features and helps you feel more confident in the way you look.

DSD allows you to get involved in creating their ideal smile, before starting any dental treatment. You have a chance to preview the new smile in real time. DSD also gives an opportunity to you to visually choose which treatment plan suits your budget as well as smile you truly desire.

One of the best aspects of DSD is the fact that just about any patient is a good candidate for the option. The concept is based on the analysis of your dental and facial dimensions. This happens through the use of high-quality digital videos and photographs, allowing us to understand the relationship between your lips, gums, and teeth. From there, you'll be heavily involved in the planning phase. What you see in this phase is what your smile will ultimately look like after the procedure is complete.

If you've always wanted to change something about your smile, this is the time to bring up your wants and needs. You're in the driver's seat, working with us for a better result.

In the first dental visit, a few photos and videos of your face are taken. We the smile designer's will then design your new smile digitally. In the second dental visit; you will be shown your new custom-made smile and an opportunity to review it with us live and in real time.

Upon approval, we will begin the restoration process. This often involves keeping the mock-up or model in your mouth as a preparation guide. Any fragments or damaged teeth will be removed, and restored teeth will be placed as implants or veneers. We will restore each individual tooth before moving on to the next. Finally, the process is finished with a polishing treatment that will help your teeth look shiny and clean.

Although other dental providers and treatment plans may use certain aspects of digital imaging or software, most don't have access to a full solution like DSD such as us. Therefore, the predictability element is lost because the dentist may not be able to tell you exactly what your smile will look like at the end of the procedure. Using DSD helps to remove the struggle with miscommunication or unanswered questions due to a lack of clarity. This is because you and our team members will be on the same page.

Digital Smile Design is one of the leading forefronts of dental technology, ensuring a dental care treatment that is best for each patient. With DSD, you'll be on your way to creating a treatment plan that is unique to your dental needs and will give you the smile you deserve.


Rs 10000 adjusted if you continue for the treatment




15 - 30 MINUTES

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