26 Feb, 2021

Visiting the dentist often is something that most people either tend to avoid intentionally or are not aware of the fact that an occasional visit for checkups is important. Avoiding the dentist and not taking good care of your teeth can result in dental conditions such as sensitivity, cavities, and bleeding gums. Since our teeth are used regularly, they undergo a huge amount of wear and tear, which if neglected, can result in a multitude of dental issues. Although these dental issues are quite mild can be easily taken care of, due to constant neglect from people result in aggravating the condition. In such extreme cases, dental implants turn out to be the only option left. The stigma related to dental implants is prevalent in society due to the misunderstanding that such procedures are very painful. Other than that, the doctors and specialists that perform the surgery are highly-skilled and have conducted the whole procedure multiple times, and are hence very experienced. Here are 3 reasons why you should not be nervous about dental implants

  • Training - Aspiring doctors that go on to become dentists undergo years of training in Medical school before they go on to become professionals. Even after completing medical school, they also have to undergo specialization courses on the field that they opt for before actually being able to become a licensed doctor. Moreover, with the advent of technology and the invention of newer and better medicine, dentists have to constantly update themselves and are almost studying all their professional careers. Many dentists keep these developments in mind and ensure that they stay updated with every major development that occurs in the field of medicine and dentistry.  
  • Equipment - Besides updates and inventions related to medicines, the medical field is also being updated with newer and advanced machinery and equipment that not only help in performing surgeries and operations but also reduce the chances of human error from occurring. When it comes to dental implants, the procedure is conducted by expert dentists who are assisted by advanced machinery. The dentists are also capable of handling the machines with expertise and also ensure that a thorough background is conducted in order to get the full information available to the doctor.
  • Tooth Implants - In the olden days, tooth implants would get susceptible to infection and would result in a botched operation. In current times, tooth replacements and implants have become very advanced. Most tooth replacements are now made using Titanium since it is extremely durable and does not corrode even under worse conditions. This ensures that the patient’s tooth implant will stay in place for the rest of his life without creating any issues. Another factor that would calm the nerves of a lot of people is that during the procedure of applying tooth replacements, local anesthesia is used to ensure that the patient does not undergo any type of discomfort and does not experience pain while he is on the table. The dentist would apply anesthesia only on those parts of the gum that are to be operated upon and the patient remains constant for the whole duration of the operation.


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