17 Jul, 2019

Did you know, 48% of young adults untag themselves from a photo on Facebook or refrain from posting a picture of their not so perfect smile on Instagram. This is the time for them to visit an invisalign dentist.

Why?  Because first impressions are always important. Having a smile you feel confident about sharing online and in person is both important for your business and social life. So why not give your smile the upgrade it deserves. And guess what! The perfect alternative to braces is here, at your neighbourhood dentistry clinic. Thus, your search for an invisalign dentist near me is over with Therapeuo dental & multi-speciality clinic. 

We make the invisible possible. TDMC (Therapeuo Dental & Multi-Speciality Clinic) is a part of one of the largest invisalign provider in the world, The MiSmileNetwork that enables us to provide unparalleled treatment for invisible braces, also known as aligners.

INVISALIGN is better, less visible and works wonders. Perfect for adults and self-conscious teens too! So stop cringing from sharing that beautiful smile, and book your appointment at TDMC today! 

Let us have a look at some advantages of Invisalign –

  • Virtually invisible

  • Remove your aligners and eat whatever you want

  • Easier to brush and wash your teeth

  • Fewer consultations required

  • Super comfy to wear

Braces Disadvantages 

  • Metal wires are noticeable

  • Several food restrictions

  • Brushing and flossing requires greater efforts

  • Frequent check-ups

  • Wires can poke and irritate your mouth

So if you’re looking to correct your teeth alignment but don’t want to wear those in-your-face metal braces, Therapeuo dental & multi-speciality clinic is the place to come to! Book your appointment today, call us on +912222165910! 
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