16 Jan, 2020

Laser teeth whitening is an effective method for improving the appearance of discoloured teeth. It can reduce the yellow appearance of teeth that has occurred naturally with age and can make your teeth several shades whiter.

This procedure is performed in our dental office exclusively. Laser Whitening gel is applied to each of your front teeth, and our Aesthetic dentist will use a laser to enhance its effectiveness and ultimately speed up the process. The whitening gel generally used is a hydrogen peroxide gel that ranges from 25 to 40 percent in concentration levels. With these high concentrations, special precautions are taken to reduce tooth sensitivity, as well as protect the lips, gums and other oral tissues from being damaged. They include:

· cheek retractors

· formulated soft or rubber dams to cover gums

· desensitizing pastes

· professional application of fluoride or similar desensitizing product

The result of laser teeth whitening is an astonishing 8 shade improvement in tooth colour. The major advantage of laser teeth whitening is speed. At Therapeuo our Aesthetic dentist can complete your laser teeth whitening procedure in 8 mins.

By contrast, regular teeth whitening products which are done professionally take a minimum of 45 minutes per session. Also whitening products sold in retail stores such as tray-based whitening kits and whitening strips, must be used daily for at least several weeks to get the best results. 

Laser whitening is also a safer alternative to other whitening techniques as the whitening gel is applied for a very short period thus reducing the chances of post-operative sensitivity making it the top option.

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