24 Nov, 2021

Dental braces have played a significant role in teeth alignment and restoring natural smile. Ceramic and metal braces are the choices the patients have while installing dental braces to solve their teeth mis-alignment problems. Conversely, the difference between the metal and ceramic braces is not obvious and often patients get confused that which one to opt for.

Ceramic braces use clear or tooth-colored brackets prepared of polycrystalline alumina that blend in with the teeth, making them subtler and less noticeable than metal braces. The connecting wire is also tooth-colored to further decrease the visibility of ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are often preferred over metal braces by teens and working professionals who wish to straighten their teeth without the appearance of metal braces.

Benefits -

o   Effective, reliable technology as metal braces

o   Increased confidence from improved smile without the “metal mouth” look

o   Lower cost than Invis-align clear aligners for discreet look

o   More comfortable than metal braces, smoother feel of brackets


o   Delicate and likely to break than metal brackets

o   Higher cost than metal braces

o   More likely to stain due to lighter colored brackets

o   May cause damage to the top teeth when worn on the bottom teeth


Metal braces are the traditional superheroes. They straighten teeth with the use of metal wires that are strung through metal brackets, typically made of durable stainless steel. Rubber bands are used to craft additional corrections, and are personalized with varying color choices. They are fairly visible, and the brackets and rubber bands can be seen from a distance. Traditional braces are more efficient at treating extreme overcrowding are less expensive. They give the orthodontist the control; he/she needs to move the teeth in small increments at a time.

Metal braces are durable and are more suited for intensive teeth corrections. Despite the visibility concern, they are still one of the best dental braces available today.

Benefits -

o       Metal braces are highly durable and offer excellent control.

o       Metal braces are less likely to become discolored.

o       They are more durable and versatile

o       They offer the advantage of speed and quick treatment

o       They provide the best treatment at the most affordable rate


o       The aesthetic impact of metal braces – they’re just very perceptible

o       Metal braces make it harder for you to maintain good oral health

o       They may lead to complications such as gum disease and gum recession.

The best option can be sorted out by constant support and receiving your queries cleared out by the orthodontist.

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