25 Jul, 2019

Wondering how to get that flawless smile? How about a perfect makeover, that you can help design!

Fix your teeth in a click! Digital Smile Design (DSD) has taken the dental world by storm, offering the best and most productive dental outcomes for its patients. And it is available with the best dentist in south Mumbai, Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic, that offers laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and provides the best smile makeover in Mumbai.

What is it? It is a unique dental treatment planning tool that helps enhance a dental provider’s diagnostic vision. How? By being able to analyse the patient’s facial and dental proportions, utilizing a series of high-quality digital photographs and videos to understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion. The best part is that you get to see the final results live on your teeth, without doing anything, all at Zero cost.

It ethically involves the patients in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making you the co-designer of your own new, confident and beautiful smile. Walk into our clinic, and ask for a Digital Smile Design aka DSD – a unique dental treatment planning tool. This specialized technique helps diagnose issues with the structural components within the mouth and jaw and assesses the aesthetics to perfection.

Digital Smile Design providers like Therapeuo Dental and multi-speciality clinic are more than just dental experts. They have an artistic vision and a niche skill-set to become a designer of beautiful smiles. People also have a full access to the live visual representations of what your smile will look like, giving you the confidence and assurance you desire!

It’s a makeover that does not require invasive treatment. Just a couple of videos, some easy measurements and you can see your newly designed smile LIVE on yourself.

Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic is your place for a smile makeover in Mumbai. Book your appointment today, call us on +91 22 22165910. 

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