07 May, 2020

Aligning means moving teeth from their natural position to their ideal position. This can oly be accomplished by the use of special aligners (invisible braces) or conventional braces.  At Therapeuo all alignment procedures are carried out by our braces and aligner specialist (orthodontist).

Many a times, in patients requiring orthodontic correction the natural malposition of a tooth prevents it from getting cleaned thoroughly. The food build-up that occurs eventually leads to bad breath, cavities or gum diseases.

Since in alignment cases the teeth are not in proper alignment of the arch the chewing pattern is usually compensatory in nature. This may put excessive load on the jaw joints causing them to wear out quickly. Orthodontics can help improve your chewing efficacy.

Teeth that are usually not in the correct anatomic position in the mouth lead to excessive force on a particular tooth that is out of arch during normal function. This can lead to a fracture of the tooth. To prevent this, aligning the teeth correctly is crucial.

Proper tooth alignment done by our orthodontic specialist also helps improve the aesthetics of an individual. Maligned teeth make people self-conscious about their appearance and can affect their self-esteem. Proper alignment of teeth not only improves the physical appearance of an individual but it can also help psychologically.

It can also help correct certain speech disorders due to maligned teeth such as lisping.

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