19 Jul, 2019

Keeping up with oral health is very important. And at Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic we are dedicated to ensuring that you do. Oral health often offers clues about your overall health. And that problem of the mouth can also affect the rest of your body. Protect yourself today by learning more about oral health.

Discover a better way of teeth whitening, only at your trusted dental clinic in Mumbai. The Epic Laser Teeth Whitening Service is one of the most sought-after dental cosmetic treatments available.

How it works: We apply a gentle whitening gel to your teeth which is then activated by a laser. In an 8 minute single session, the laser lightens dark, yellow and discoloured teeth. It’s a painless, injection-free and quick treatment. And you walk out with up to 8 shades whiter teeth.
A brighter smile, your teeth staying whiter for longer, lesser chances of teeth sensitivity post treatment.

Ask any of our experts at your next Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic, everything you need to know and the things you need to do to keep your oral health.

The best part of this laser dentistry is that, it costs the same as any other conventional teeth whitening service. So what are you waiting for? To book your appointment for the Epic Laser Teeth Whitening Service, call us on +91 22 22165910. 

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