29 Jul, 2019

Imagine bright and shiny white teeth in just a single, 8-minute session versus 45 minutes to 1 hour for conventional teeth whitening

The benefits: 

  • It is gentler on the teeth vs conventional whitening treatments.

  • It has an increased efficacy of the whitening gel, ensuring your teeth stay whiter for longer. 

  • Almost ZERO chances of teeth sensitivity post-treatment. 

  • The best part: It costs the same as any other conventional teeth whitening service. So why not opt for the best, with the best. 

Beyond providing the best-in-class service, technology, treatments and expert dental care and hygiene, Therapeuo Dental & Multi-Speciality Clinic,  goes one step further, and promises to leave you with enriching, pain-free memories, redefining the concept of dentistry from “need of the hour” to a “habitual lifestyle choice” in laser dentistry.

More than being an ordinary dental clinic, Therapeuo Dental & Multi-Speciality Clinic, is a studio of dental artists, your trusted neighbourhood dental experts - where we utilise the best technologies, work with the finest equipment and use our skills and prowess to make your smile nothing less than extraordinary. Why? Because you deserve the best. 

Schedule your appointment for a better, brighter smile at Therapeuo Dental & Multi-Speciality Clinic, your trusted neighbourhood dentistry clinic, where you can reap the benefits of our Epic Laser Teeth Whitening Service, one of the fastest method of teeth whitening available today.
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