08 Aug, 2019

Choosing the right family dental clinic, can make all the difference in your family’s oral health. Plus it can make your life easier. Here are some of the benefits of having Therapeuo, one of the best dentist in Mumbai as your family dental clinic. 

Enjoy flexible & convenient hours

Therapeuo dental clinic, also considered as one of the top dentist in Mumbai provides flexible, convenient, scheduling for family visits that are more suited to your family life.  And emergency situations won’t be a problem! We offer an emergency contact number for when our office is technically closed. 

Set a good example

Scheduling dental appointments for you and your kids at the same time can be a great way to lead by example and helps set life-long dental habits.

The big picture

A family dentist in Mumbai can help better understand your family’s dental health; plus the specific needs of each family member. Therapeuo Dental Clinic, also known as best implant dentist in Mumbai, includes a trusted network of paediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and other dental care specialists.  We also maintain each individual/ family’s dental history charts making it easy to access and diagnose.

Wide range of dental services

Eliminating the hassles of multiple dental check-ups, Therapeuo offers a range of services for all ages under one roof.  We provide complete family dentistry services, including routine teeth cleaning, dental X –rays, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, and teeth whitening services, invisalign, dental implants, laser dentistry and more.

And for those family members who may have any phobia of the dentist, we offer simple tips to overcome your fears and rest assured our gentle and caring team will put you at ease. 

Schedule family appointments

The luxury of making one phone call for your 10 year –old, teenager , spouse, and even elderly parent or relative. Therapeuo dental clinic allows you to schedule same day appointments making life more convenient. 

Better Relations

Each member of the family will get to know their dentist and feel comfortable with the care being provided to them. This makes it easier to express any concerns that may arise in the future. The longer your family sees a family dentist, the better the relationship will be. 

Your endless searches for diverse dental services like smile makeover in Mumbai, invisalign dentist near me ends here at Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic. Giving you that captivating smile!

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