13 Sep, 2019

Bacteria are constantly present in our mouths. These bacteria use ingredients found in our diet and saliva to grow and form plaque. Plaque once formed tends to stick to the surfaces of tooth unless removed. These harmful bacteria present on the tooth surface are known to release acids which are detrimental in nature. If the outermost layer of the tooth (Enamel) is exposed to repeat acid attacks, it degrades and loses its natural structure thus causing dental decay.

This decay also known as caries or a cavity is a progressive irreversible disease of tooth. Once it attacks the Enamel, it can progress deeper into the second layer of the tooth called as Dentin, unless treated. At this stage the tooth may or may not show symptoms such as sensitivity. Treatment for such a cavity is a composite or a tooth coloured filling. Furthermore, if left untreated, the cavity may progress into the deepest layer of the tooth called pulp which is rich in blood vessels and nerves. Once it reaches this layer, pain may or may not be elicited. The only treatment to prevent further infection at this stage is root canal treatment.

There are various classifications of cavities based on their location such as smooth surface and pit and fissure caries. They can also be classified based on whether they are on the crown or the root surface of the tooth and whether they are new(incipient) or recurrent.

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