10 Dec, 2019

A Dental OPG (Dental Full Mouth X-ray) is a two-dimensional scan of your upper and lower jaw. Instead of taking multiple small x-rays of the mouth, it is useful to get a full mouth x-ray which is an OPG.

The Dental OPG is taken by a special OPG Xray Machine. During the process of taking the X-ray, the radiographer may place a protective shield over the parts of your body not being X-rayed, or you may be asked to wear a protective apron. When you are ready, the radiographer will start the OPG machine. They will ask you to be still during the OPG process (usually lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds). When your OPG is finished you will be asked to wait while the radiographer checks the image. The procedure usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes including time taken to get ready.

What is the need of such an X-ray image?
An OPG is used to identify diseases affecting full mouth usually gum or periodontal issues.

It is also used to see the approximation of vital structures such as nerves and sinuses. This is essential for wisdom tooth removal surgeries and for implant placement planning.

It also plays a crucial role during treatment planning for patients wanting to get their teeth aligned  (braces).

 It can also helps identify jaw fractures, jaw tumours and diseases affecting the jaw joints.

The OPG Xray is thus an essential diagnostic aid that allows us at Therapeuo to properly plan your treatment and provide you with the best information regarding your dental health.

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