20 Nov, 2019

A post and core crown is a type of dental restoration required where there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth structure remaining to retain/hold a conventional dental cap or crown. Usually when a lot of tooth structure is lost due to decay, trauma or chemical erosion it is necessary to build it up to place a crown. In order to build it up, it requires additional retention from its root. This is when a post and core is required.

The tooth in question is root canaled and additionally the tooth root canal is prepared to receive a post. A post is nothing but a piece of metal or resin that is in the shape of the canal. The post is usually cemented or bonded to the hollowed-out root canal chamber to provide additional retention to the overlying core structure. After to post is seated and cemented/bonded to the root canal, the core (artificial tooth structure) is built around it. The core is then prepared by the restorative specialist and shaped to receive the cap.

There are two types of post available- prefabricated (can be either resin or metal) and cast post (always metal).

The entire procedure of post and core is done to save the tooth and to prevent it from getting into a hopeless situation where the only option remaining is to remove it. The decision to perform post and core depends on the case and the restorative specialist.

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