22 Dec, 2019

A rubber dam is a thin square sheet of latex placed to separate the teeth that require treatment from the rest of the mouth. This is usually used in Restorative dentistry. It is anchored around the crown of the tooth using a metal clamp to seal and secure the rubber dam sheet to the tooth or teeth that are receiving treatment during the dental procedure. The set-up of a rubber dam has many elements and involves the use of specific tools and accessories which usually comprises of:

· Rubber dam sheets

· Clamps or hooks

· Frame

· Forceps

· Dam Punch

· Dental floss

It offers a variety of advantages.

· Most importantly, it prevents dental materials and instruments from being swallowed or inhaled by a person.

· It prevents fillings and other dental materials from being contaminated by saliva.

· It also protects gums and other soft tissues of the mouth from chemicals used in certain dental  procedures such as root canal. 

The use of rubber dam varies case to case and also depends on the comfort of the person undergoing treatment but it is an essential requirement for most dental procedures.

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