21 May, 2020

Cavities in between teeth are commonly referred to as interproximal cavities or interproximal decay. Cavities form when there is breakdown of the outer, calcified enamel of the tooth by bacteria commonly found in the human mouth. The bacteria stick to the teeth, embedded in a hard substance called dental plaque or calculus, which deposits on your teeth. Plaque often forms in between the teeth due to the inability of toothbrushes to properly clean these tough-to-reach areas of the mouth. These bacteria break down sugars and carbohydrates, resulting in an acid attack that breaks down the enamel of the tooth and causes the cavities.

The diagnosis of interproximal cavities is usually made by an X-ray called a bite wing. This type of X-ray allows the dentist to accurately assess the extent of the dental cavity. The depth of the cavity is usually deeper than it appears on the x-ray image. Although a clinical assessment by visual inspection is usually done by us during the initial assessment, bite wings are a crucial tool for early detection.

If the decay has only extended half way into the enamel of the tooth, these “incipient” cavities often can be recalcified with a fluoride varnish. Once the cavity penetrates deeper into the enamel of the tooth, a filling is usually the appropriate treatment. The material of choice for dental fillings is usually a tooth coloured composite. If these cavities go untreated, more extensive dentistry could be necessary such as a root canal.

Most symptoms occur when the cavity has penetrated into the dentin, the second hard layer of tissue beneath the enamelSymptoms of these cavities include

· sensitivity to cold or

· sweets or

· even trouble chewing on the tooth with the cavity.

The best way to prevent interproximal decay is to floss the teeth in conjunction with daily brushing. The floss helps break up the plaque that has an affinity for the interproximal area. Fluoride rinses also are useful in toddlers and younger patients.

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