01 Apr, 2020

Bleeding gums is usually an early sign of a gum disease called gingivitis. Gum bleeding is usually due to build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaque that is not removed will harden into tartar or calculus. This will lead to increased bleeding and a more advanced form of gum and jaw bone disease known as periodontitis. If left neglected, this disease could get severe and could cause teeth to become loose and eventually require removal.

Bleeding gums could also be due to a deficiency of Vitamin C or Vitamin K. It could be due to any bleeding disorders or due to use of blood thinners. Sometimes ill-fitting dentures and other dental appliances could also cause bleeding gums. Moreover, an underlying serious medical condition could also accentuate bleeding gums. Hormonal changes as observed during puberty and pregnancy could also lead to bleeding gums.

At times, wrong brushing and flossing habits could cause bleeding gums. Hence, they should not be neglected and treatment for the same should be sought as soon as possible.

For most cases plaque and tartar build-up are the regular culprits. The gum bleeding in such cases can be easily reversed by a simple procedure known as a dental scaling.

Thus, it is extremely important to get a regular dental check-up and get your teeth cleaned (scaling done) every 4 to 6 months. 

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