16 Apr, 2020

A silver filling is an outdated procedure to restore teeth which have dental decay and requires the tooth to be prepared in a specific manner. This includes cutting your tooth excessively leading to loss of sound tooth structure. The filling material is known as amalgam which is a mix of metals and mercury. This is initially in a soft clay like state when it is placed into the tooth and gradually hardens overnight. However, over a period of time, this filling tends to discolour the tooth underneath giving it a bluish-blackish hue due to leaching of the metals.

The natural appearance of the tooth is hampered after a silver filling. Moreover, the mercury present in it is a proved neurotoxin. If inhaled or ingested, this stays in the body and can cause damage to your internal organs.

On the contrary, a tooth coloured filling needs less amount of cutting of the good tooth structure than a silver filling. It does not tend to discolour the tooth underneath it and gives it a natural appearance. It appears more aesthetic and provides adequate strength during function thus proving to be a much better alternative to silver fillings.

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