24 Dec, 2020

You get only one chance to impress someone with a special smile and don't be shy to cover up your smile while clicking photos. There may be several reasons like unhappy with your discolored, broken, misaligned, crooked teeth or have some gaps between them, etc. So, for that perfect smile, it's not all about showing happiness on your lips, teeth, and eyes. The best solution for this is modern cosmetic dentistry which can give you a perfect smile. 

In the cosmetic dentistry clinic, we practice a certain process for a 'digital smile makeover' to get your appearance improved. Our team of cosmetic dentists check your teeth and work on developing a suitable treatment plan. With past proven experience, we worked with many patients in helping their smile transformation and bought successful results. Just you have to visit the clinic for cosmetic dental consultation, schedule an appointment, and stick to the treatment plan. 

What are the cosmetic dentistry treatments that can be done in time?

Of course, it depends upon your current tooth condition, treatment plan, and time required to cure your teeth. However, we recommend that before six months of your wedding date, you should take any teeth straightening treatment to achieve a perfect smile. The better options are:

Teeth Whitening: It has always been considered as the common dental request in the initial pre-wedding days. Because it is the simplest, fastest, and less expensive process to improve your smile. EPIC Laser Teeth Whitening is mostly preferred by the patients to get their teeth to remain whiter for a longer time and stay relaxed with no teeth sensitivity post-treatment, instead of buying other teeth whitening products in the retail stores. 

Dental Veneers: Also called "porcelain veneers" or "dental porcelain laminates" are suitable for those who are concerned with the aesthetics of teeth. Veneers are extremely thin porcelain facings for your teeth that are customized to improve and beautify your smile. These custom-made resin shells are cemented to the front side of your teeth with bringing change in their color, shape, or size. 

Dental braces: This the best option for severe teeth crowding. With a metal brace, you can fix the misaligned teeth or crooked teeth that help the teeth to grow in straight later. With the advanced technology available and surgical procedures, it takes a few months to fill the unsightly gaps in your mouth, heal and get results to show your smile better. This can be accomplished easily by considering the early preparation for your wedding.

Dental Crowns: It is also referred to as a "tooth-shaped cap" that is cemented to fit over and replace the damaged tooth that ultimately strengthens its appearance, shape, size, and alignment. Dental crowns are made from gold alloy, metal alloy, porcelain fused to metal, and all porcelain-based ceramic that helps to cover the injured teeth as well as protect your weak teeth from fracturing for future sake. 

Dental Bridges: we also recommended to replace your one or more missing teeth. This is another option for you to solve the problems of speaking and bite while eating food. Porcelain or ceramic bridges are used to match the color of your natural teeth. Dental bridges can last for a lifetime, only if you exercise good oral hygiene habits. Regularly brushing twice, a day could extend the lifespan of your bridge.

Dental Implants: Are also known as "teeth implant", "artificial tooth" or "titanium tooth roots", which consist of metal frames that are surgically fixed into the jawbone of the missing tooth. Dental implants provide a comfortable solution to your decayed or injured teeth by permanently replacing them like attractive real teeth. As the jawbone gets healed, the implants get fused into it and get stable support for your artificial teeth. 

Lastly, all matters to make the right decision is to pick the highly skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist near me that you can visit and trust. It is clear that to go for any treatment it takes a few months with 100% guaranteed results to bring your perfect smile. Feel free to ask us for the desired results to address all of your needs. Keep smiling and enjoy the wedding season.

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