12 Sep, 2019

Book mark this handy guide onfood and drink that can damage your teeth. Trust Therapeuo Dental & Multi SpecialityClinic as what you eat matters your oral health!


Use ice to chill not chew

One may have thought how ice canbe harmful to your teeth; it’s made of water after all! But chewing on hardsubstances can damage the enamel permanently or can even lead to a dentalemergency.


Every coffee isn’t always good for you

In their natural form, tea &coffee can be healthy drink choices. However, not everyone can resist addingsugar. Caffeinated coffee and tea can dry your mouth, and if you drink it toofrequently it can stain the teeth. Rinse your mouth post consumption. 


Tobacco will wreak havoc on your teeth

Consuming tobacco in the form ofpaan, gutka, betel leaf, cigarettes, and cigars can harm your teeth. Theycontain tiny particles that are abrasive to teeth. Chewing on these productswears teeth down overtime and makes it harder to treat gum diseases which oneis doubly prone to because of the harmful effects of tobacco.


Stay away from sticky foods

More often than not, your snacksinclude dry fruits or that sweet tooth craves candy. However, these are stickyand can damage your teeth since they tend to stick on teeth longer than othertypes of food. Be sure to brush and floss carefully, should you eat them.


Keep check on your citrus intake

Frequent exposure to acidic foodscan erode enamel, making your teeth sensitive or susceptible to decay overtime. Citrus juices can also irritate mouth sores/ulcers. 


The crunch factor can be harmful

Things that go crunch aretempting – like chips/chikki. Unfortunately, they are filled with starch thattends to get trapped in the teeth and can lead to plaque build up.


Therapeuo dental & multispeciality clinic guides you through the right food and drink intake that canprevent further damage. Therapeuo dental & multi speciality the best dental clinic in Mumbai, offers an array of dental servicescomprising of laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening.

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